Karen's Report

“He woke me up. (I am now) 100%. (He is) with me.”

“He woke me up. (I am now) 100%. (He is) with me.”




JAN 09----------------COURT SQUARE------------------02

JAN 10----------------JAMES MADISON------------------08

JAN 11-------------------CROSS LIGHT-------------------

JAN 16----------------COURT SQUARE------------------05

JAN 17----------------JAMES MADISON------------------06

JAN 16,17,18---------------VA FARM SHOW------------120

JAN 23----------------COURT SQUARE------------------20

JAN 24----------------JAMES MADISON------------------32

JAN 25-------------------CROSS LIGHT-------------------




JAN 30-------------COURT SQUARE------------1030-1500

JAN 31-------------JAMES MADISON------------1300-1700

JAN 30---------SO. FARM SHOW (RALEIGH)--------0900-1600

JAN 31---------SO. FARM SHOW (RALEIGH)--------0900-1600

FEB 01---------SO. FARM SHOW (RALEIGH)--------0900-1600


Greetings beloved. Johan Weiss and yours truly spent Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (Jan 16-18) helping the Christian Farmers Outreach share the gospel at the annual Va Farm Show in Fishersville, Va. Along with the president (Lou Enoff) and treasurer (Jack Long) of CFO, we were able to help 120 people profess saving faith in Christ alone.

While we were sharing at that event, faithful ministry partner and friend Karen Brooks shared the gospel on Wednesday at court square and Thursday at J.M.U.

I asked Karen to write up her ministry report from those two days, which follows below. I hope you are blessed and encouraged by her report.

God is good! What an exciting two days it was for me sharing the Gospel; Wednesday at Court Square and Thursday at JMU.

I've been learning more and more each day to rely on the leading of the Holy Spirit. He does not disappoint, He shows up!

Wednesday started off with Megan. She was 100% sure that she was going to Heaven because Jesus died for her. This was great news for me because I knew that she had trusted Jesus as her Savior, but then I asked her, ”Is Jesus God?”. She wasn't sure. I took her through (John 1:1; 1:14) and then we talked about the Trinity. She then understood and said "Yes, Jesus is God."

The next three people prayed with me to trust Jesus as Savior. Melanie initially said "I just needed to understand more." Here are her responses after praying to receive Christ:

“He woke me up. (I am now) 100%. (He is) with me.”

Anna was next. I had talked to her and a friend of hers in the past but this time she seemed to understand more. When we share we plant a seed and God does the work. This time the seed went deeper. Her responses after praying to receive Christ:

"He died for me. (He is now) in my heart. (My heart feels) good.”


 Evelyn came next. She thought she was going to Heaven because she was a good person. She came to understand that Jesus alone could save her. Her responses after praying with me:

"Jesus took me in as His child/ good 100%/ In me."


Thursday at JMU was an equally great day. I hadn't planned on going to JMU while Mike and Johan were at the Virginia Farm Show in Augusta County, but I felt led to go. I prayed in the morning that God would help me not be afraid and that He would lead me and do all the work.

He did just that! I was not afraid and I had a lot of fun sharing the Gospel. God sent one right after another. I did a bunch of victory dances while doing the ice breakers and then when they understood what Jesus did for them. I felt the presence of the Lord the whole time and the students were a joy to share with.

Caleb had gone to church and to youth group. He was 80% sure because he needed to spend more time studying the Bible and going to church. We went through the colors and he understood that there wasn't anything that he could do to justify himself, that it was only Jesus taking his place and dying for him that would justify him. His responses after praying to trust Christ:

"I asked Jesus into my heart/ good/ in my heart."

unnamed (1).jpg

Scotty was 75% because he needed to be more empathetic towards people. I took him into the court room when he said that asking for forgiveness and changing his ways would pay for his sins. He realized that Jesus took his place and His blood on the cross paid for his sins. His responses after praying with me:

"He saved me/ happy and full/ in here (pointing to his heart)."

unnamed (2).jpg

I was delighted when my next student responded to my review text with "Thank you again Karen!" Andrew was initially 95% sure because "I try to make others happy." Andrew trusted Jesus alone for his salvation. His responses after praying with me:

"Cleared of my sins/ good/ in me."

unnamed (3).jpg

After a few more students, I was able to talk to Trish. It was snowing quite a lot and I was getting covered with snow. At this time Chris showed up and I was encouraged by his arrival while I shared with Trish. She was 70% because of doing good to others. She was a delight to share with and she finally understood that "He paid in full."

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